Conservation Projects (Partial)

N.C. Department of Cultural Resources, Raleigh, NC;  Clare Arthur Bass
Restoration and conservation of 19 water damaged wooden artifacts to be displayed in the Palmer-Marsh House Museum, Bath, NC

Cape Fear Museum, Wilmington, NC, Barbara Rowe, Curator
Restoration and conservation of various items for display in the museum some of which include: Railroad Station Desk, Piano and Handmade Wooden Boat.

Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD;  Wendy Cooper, Curator
Restoration and conservation of the Lannuier Bed Exhibit, damaged while in transport to The Mint Museum, Charlotte, NC

Schiele Museum, Gastonia, NC;  Kay Moss, Curator
Restoration and conservation of an 18th Century Fall Front Desk including reconstructing, cosmetic and finish conservation.

NC Governors Mansion Raleigh, NC;  Marie Ham, Curator
Restoration and conservation of several important pieces in the collection. 

Wake Forest University Art Department, Winston-Salem, NC
Restoration and conservation of Modern Wood Sculpture by Nevelson.

Mint Museum of Art, Charlotte, NC;  Jai Jordan, Curator
Conservation of 19th Century sideboard. 

York County Culture&Heritage Commission, Rock Hill, SC;  Jeannie Wray, Director of Collections. Conservation of several important pieces housed at Historic Brattonsville Plantation.

AH*TAH*THI*KI* Seminole Indian Museum;  Polly Ann Nordstrand, Curator.
Treatment Survey for very rare Seminole dugout canoe.

Institute of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica West Indies;  Michael Cook, Director
Consultation for Conservation Treatment of Wooden Artifacts and Objects in Government Collection.

Orange County Historical Museum, Hillsborough, NC; Jennifer L. Koach, Executive Director.
Conservation of a Civil War canteen.

Hickory Hill -19th Historic House of Senator Tom Watson, Thomson, GA; Michelle Zupan, Curator.  
Treatment survey of wooden artifacts collection.

High Point Museum, High Point, NC; Ellen Denker, Director. 
Furniture Heritage Project.

Private Collection References (Partial)

Mrs. Gordon Hanes, Winston-Salem, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Eldridge Hanes, Winston-Salem, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Hanes,Winston-Salem, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Calder Womble,Winston-Salem, NC 
Mr. David Guilfoile, Tokyo, Japan
Mrs. Elizabeth Wright, Wilmington, NC
Mrs. Joann Corbett, Wilmington, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Corbett, Wilmington, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Rody Dowd Jr., Charlotte, NC
Mr. Bob Ricci, New York City, NY
Mr. & Mrs. John Williams, Durham, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Mosca, Brown Summit, NC
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce McCune, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Mr. David Lanier, Greensboro, NC
Mr.& Mrs. John Witmer, Clemson, SC
Mr. & Mrs. Kean Degnon, Lewisville, NC

Professional References (Partial)

Mike Podmansczky, Furniture Conservator
Winterthur Museum

Bill Brown, Conservator
North Carolina Museum of Art, Raleigh, NC

Philippe Lafargue, Deputy Director
Tryon Palace, New Bern, NC

Barbara Rowe, Curator
Cape Fear Museum, Wilmington, NC

Michael Hayes, Wachovia Trust Department
Winston-Salem, NC